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Gradually, in the 60's and with the pleasure sailling that begins to democratize, he began to make canoes for individuals, designed by architects such as Jean-Jacques Herbulot, Cornu ...

The shipyard built pleasure boats plywood and molded wood (Frégate 9.20, As de Pique, Brick, Corvette, Le Pacha).

He develops and developing new implementation techniques. of the templates are manufactured, as well as negative shells, which will be used for assembling the panels together.

It's the beginning of the serial production.

In the range "serial boats" , the competition is tough. The yards implement management resources and optimize costs production to lower selling prices.
Mallard site will not adapt to this price war and this new business vision.

The main preoccupation of Roger Mallard will continue to manufacture quality boat following its expertise and financial optimization at the expense of quality will not be the chosen option.

The company will be in difficult situations and will cool slowly. After several cessation of activity and several attempts at recovery, the closure of the shipyard will be spread over three years.

After closing his business, Roger Mallard exercise as a man of experience and technical consultant for the construction of Chassirons boats at the Richard Edward shipyard in Marennes (17). It will also be sought for the "Hermione" boat buiding.

Hull Release

Today, the streets and yards were missing. This site has been converted into parking and each year it is held there the famous Francofolies festival.

At that time, Roger Mallard learned the traditional navy carpenter and works with his father. A few years later, wanting to invest in the business and his father having trouble letting go of the reins, he moved to Africa where he exerts his trade for two years.

Back in France in the early 50s, Roger Mallard start again his activity in the family yard. Gradually and with his father's blessing, he gradually took over the management of the company.

Roger Mallard practice sailing and participates with friends in La Rochelle regattas. For this occasion, he makes his own sailboat.

ecume 75 long roof deck

Ecume 69 model to control pool

Ecume 75 model to control pool
Located in La Rochelle, the shipyard Roger Mallard is located yards street, near the Tower of Lanterns.

This place is also the location of other shipyards and among them are the well known shipyards: Dufour, Vernazza and Hervé.
In 1973, to boost the craft in the region, Roger Mallard participate, with other players in the La Rochelle shipbuilding, creation and launch of water boat show "Le Grand Pavois". Today, lounge world famous occupies an essential place in the world yachting.

The Roger Mallard shipyard is also the serial boat building, known for their building and sailing quality, such as the Mallard 9, teh Mallard 10.40, the Rêve de Mer, the Fleur de Mer, the Start 6 et the Start 7, the Atlante.
With the rise of yachting, techniques continue to evolve and laminate appeared.

The shipyard moved to settle on Avenue Joliot Curie in the industrial area of Périgny.

In 1969 it launched the production of sea foam. The series will last 10 years. The boat participating in regattas, where he held the positions of before the finish lines. His promotion is made and the boat knows a craze with new boaters who wish to pass on a boat with amenities thoughtful, but also participate in regattas with a powerful boat.
The construction order book is full and its activity turns up.

Ecume de Mer building in the former shipyard